Welcome to Merry Christmas Recipes!

Christmas! What would it be without food?

Here at Merry Christmas Recipes.com we’re all about sharing the many flavors of the season — from sugar to chestnuts to cranberry & oranges to candy canes and eggnog there isn’t a bit of it we don’t love.

This merry website is an extension of the broader Christmas community online anchored by the Christmas supersite of My Merry Christmas.com. Many of the recipes featured here are provided by the good folks who frequent the Merry Forums of My Merry Christmas on a daily basis year round.

We’re led in the merry effort here by Chef Matt, of SayerFoods.com and RecipeRodeo.com.

The celebration of the season has ancient roots and food as always been at the center of it.  From ancient pagan practices at the solstice of the season (when a yule log was actually a log and not a food) — where feasting was a rite of harvest passage and well-wishing for the upcoming new year — to the more modern Christian practices of symbolizing the deeper meanings of  the season through foods (the Bread of Life, for example) food in variety and abundance has always marked the season.

Even in our modern culture food plays a central part. What would the movies of Christmas be without  the roast turkey from Christmas Vacation, the Professor’s magic wine glass in The Bishop’s Wife  or Buddy-the-Elf’s unique spaghetti recipe in Elf?

Or, take Christmas foods that are celebrated in the music of Christmas: would it be Christmas without “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”? Without Christmas it never could be a Marshmallow World! And there could never be any place like home for the holidays without the pumpkin pie.

Of course, not-so-modern culture in Christmas literature also celebrated Christmas with food. Would Dickens be Dickens without figgy pudding? Could Scrooge have had so much charm without staring at Marley and accusing him of being an “undigested bit of beef”?

Yes, food is all over Christmas. From the moment we back away from the Thanksgiving table to when the pull the candy canes and the orange from the toe of the stocking on Christmas morning Christmas is more about food than just about anything else.

So join us here in our celebration of Christmas foods. Share your recipes of Christmas. Explain the stories of food traditions in your home at Christmas. Welcome and Merry Christmas!


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